Thursday, March 26, 2009

Enlightened Ones

Enlightened Ones

You see the world through clouds of grey
You see the world in its pain and fear death
You do not know the glory and the way to go
I see the world for what it is and smile

The veil removed now I understand
I see the greater plan we all are a part of
Now that I know I must share so you know
I warm your soul with the love given to me

Love so warm it feels like a summer day
Feelings so high I feel like floating
The mercy and love he has for us all
Is immeasurable and we don’t understand

His sacrifice saved us all
If we choose to follow him
This world is but a test to see
If we can make it back to him

I see the way clearer than ever before
I know what I need to do and I an happy
Tears of joy uncontrollably fall from my smiling face
I love the lord and all he has done for me

TKT 03-26-09

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