Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem The Chosen

The Chosen

We pass through life learning
We experience the horror and pain
We live outside the box of safety
We have just enough strength to live

We are the ones put here to help
We protect others from our same pain
Our goal is unknown but pain is real
We are chosen through all this to heal

Are meaning is specific and precise
We are placed throughout time to nurture
We are not hero’s and are not known well
The people we touch are saved from their hell

We have the life unwanted and we chose it
We came to help the tortured and abused
So must our life be to help effectively
But we have an unknown strength

We are no one and known by few
Our lives scream the pain felt by thousands
We are here to silence that utter scream
So the world may someday be peaceful

We are stricken and bruised and scared
We are filled with the experiences we need
We heal those around by giving hope and love
Even though are lives are hard we love life

We come to aid the sickness of this world
We do not know each other we work alone
There is no team only one to save many
But we are many and few and unknown

Bitter silence until we understand the meaning
We forgot why we came into this hell
And when we find the meaning and reason
The world will start to change unknowingly

When no one is there to help you though this life
We are placed to find and befriend you specifically
Our efforts are not in vain and have great purpose
We are the light you find in the dark to lead you out

Are scars are our examples to teach hope
Are lives bring hope to those we know and help
We are the chosen and unknown to the world
Put here in hell to save the souls of millions

The maker wept to see us leave his side
To venture into this life of despair and pain
He is glad we are here to help and heal the weary
He wishes that we didn’t have to go through this


TkT 5 15 6

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