Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem 911


Horror stricken faces watch in a glow
An entire nation cries at a sight
Children wake to find a nightmare
Parents shake in fear at the sight

Early in the morning as the day starts
An attack on an innocent set of buildings
Cries heard from miles away as they fall
A city engulfed in the smoke ash and derby

Thousands team together to find the lost
Living and dead are found the world is dry
Tears are the moisture for this country
We watched a nightmare as the towers fell

We didn’t understand where this hate came from
Paranoid about the future is this the end
The world looks grim to all who life on it
Weeks of searching for our lost brothers and sisters

Derby cleared away to find lost ones
Our flag hangs half post in agony for them
A nation united for a cause to help as we find the lost
The last body found and the heavens wept

TkT 5 11 6

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