Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Gueen of Spades (Explit)

Queen of Spades

Illusionary love and romance
Catastrophic creeping destruction
Timed bomb to destroy me when im weak
This one card is played wearing me down

Each time hurts and scars a little deeper
Happiness infatuates my mind and all is well
Old mistakes haunting my every fucking footstep
Same result lesson never learned

This chain of destruction holds me captive
Forbidden love dipped in happiness and joy
Poison seeps into the pours of my relationship
Torn apart like an angry kid tears paper

My goal to live a happy life with a family
Dances in front of me just out of reach taunting me
Nightmares closer to truth than my dreams
Lonely despair seems to be my final destination

My equation always end with a one never more
The ride is too painful but I cant get off
The future mirrors the past to torture me
My circle of hell I fell into no escape

Hope for difference proven wrong
An outcast and criminal no one loves
Innocent of my crimes treated guilty
Pushed away by family through lies

Torn between family and friends
One place undesired forever
My hell to feed my fears and nightmares
Poisoned slowly to death chasseing my dreams

TKT 08/08/06

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