Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Journey into the Void

Journey Into The Void

Blurring through the walls of time
Breaking the chains of sane and logic
Stepping outside my body and through the floor
Between life and death real and fake

Unused open space and free
Unknown to the world you love
Tearing through reality as I step
Disappearing as I step into the wall

Free floating mindless freedom
Outside the cage of restriction
Numb as I’m torn in two half’s
To make it through a smaller path

In a world unknown
I’m exploring this new existence
What am I doing and where am I?
Humored by my own erratic movements

Moving back through the walls of time
Stepping inside my absent body
Reconnecting to the logic and sanity of life
Back in the world back from my journey

TKT 7/12/06

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