Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem The Illusion of war

The Illusion of War

Bodies strewn across a field
A “Victory” has come to pass
We “Kill” to achieve “Peace”
We destroy to preserve
Tears are shed for all that are lost
Others celebrate for fallen enemies
People think that to have peace
We must control the world
Dreams of peace and freedom
Clouded by war and death
We kill thousands to save hundreds
We start war to take revenge
War is a brush fire
After being started
It consumes everything
Even the innocent
To keep peace we fight
To save lives we kill
To protect our city we destroy another
The illusion that war is good is false
Tragedy strikes sometimes
And war is not chosen but forced
When this is the case
It takes the bravest man to end it

TKT 10/20/07

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