Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem The Book

The Book

On a dark and stormy day
Buried halfway in mud
A small tattered book is found
The writing in it is a child’s

A closer examination and you see
The pages in this book have tearstains
You find a name for the owner
Her name is jenny she is 9

The diary tells of good and bad days
It tells of how her daddy touches her
It reads that she doesn’t like it
She is too afraid to tell anyone this secret

This burden destroying her life not lived yet
It also tell of how she has to hide her bruises
The painful times when it hurts to stand
And the fear she has of going home

Then it tells of her mom
It tells about how she ignores her
It lets you know she never listens
And now your tears are adding to the stains

But then you reach the end of the writing
The last page is spotted with blood and tears
The last phrase is scribbled in fear
“My daddy is mad at me for telling him No again”

This book was found out in the rain
Next to the trash outside a deserted house
The story never finished left open
The fate of jenny unknown

TKT 10/19/07

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