Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Choice


In a world of clay
Who are you and what will you be
Things change as the day goes by
Choices mold your life as you make them

In this world you are in control
You make yourself who you are
A world always in motion and changing
Molding yourself to cope with the change

In this world your choice is the predicament
You have the power to affect others
You show what you will become with a single choice
Thoughts bombard you as you cut through them

One outcome from all your choices
Who will you unknowingly choose to become
What will you do to contribute to this world?
A world that doesn’t want or need you

Your choice is worth its weight in gold
Will you throw it away for something less?
Or will you choose to make wiser choices
In this world bursting with choices

What will you choose to become

TKT 6/23/06

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