Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Invisible


Right Where You Cant See

Standing in front of you you cant see me
a spec of nothing in this bitter existance
tossed aside and forgotten you leave me
and when im gone no one misses me

i never was here only a glimpse
i knew you and forgot you in the same second
there is no path to follow to find me
i never started a path to follow

invisible to the naked eye
how do you find someone you dont see
blinded by rumors and lies and lost
lost in a world no one can find me in

this place doesnt exist and neither do i
how did i get here ill never know why
i was talking to you and stumbled away
now im screaming for you with no where to stay

these feelings blinded my mind
and now im traped where you cant see me
locked inside myself and lost the key
youll never find me and i dont care

im standing in front of you but you cant see
im held captive in a place you cant go
nothing opens this door but the key
where is the key someone help me

TKT 4/11/06

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