Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Song The Storm

The Storm

Imaginary Dreams Chased And Lost
Nonexistent Goals Made And Failed
Failure Brings New Light And A Way
That We Had Never Thought Of Before

In The Depths Of Darkness I Found You
A Ray Of Golden Sun In The Storm
A Path Unseen Until Now And Found
A New Hope Of Life And Being

Wondering In Darkness Its Hard To See
How None Of These Things Are Helping Me
Blinded By Your Thoughts And Your Opinion
You Are Lost And Everyone Is Wrong

In The Depths Of Darkness I Find You
A Light Amidst The Storm Revealing
The Truth And Light Of The Real Situation
A New Way To Go And Find Success

Our Experiences Teach Us And Make Us Grow
So We Learn Instead Of Going Nowhere
The Storms Will Continue To Come
Will You Look For The Light And Path

In The Depths Of Darkness I Find You
The Storm May Rage But It Will Shine
This Light That Brings Hope And Truth
Where It Takes Me Is A Better Place

So You See Its Not Just A Drowning Attempt
There Is Hope If You Search For It And Concentrate
This New Hope Will Give You Strength
And Lead You Through The Storm In To Paradise

In The Depths Of Darkness You Are Found
A Light To Guide And Lead The Way Through
That Disproves The Lies And Deceit Of This World
So You Can Make It To A Higher Plane Of Happiness

TKT 6/29/06

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