Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Mirror


Mirror on the wall who is the saddest of them all?
Is It the boy that dies from aids but never did anything?
Or is it the girl abused as a child and raped by her dad?
Is this pain in this world meant to be so harsh and bad?
They all are and aren’t it’s the point of view you look at it through.
Mirror on the wall why is anger the hardest emotion to control?
Why does it rip into others and tear them down into nothing.
It breaks apart families and beats children and rapes girls.
Mirror on the wall if life is hell why do we move on?
We look for that light that leads us home to that place were free.
This place doesn’t have the pain of this world but peace.
Mirror on the wall why cant we all go home now?
We aren’t ready to go there yet cuz we don’t understand.
We haven’t found out why we came here and what for yet.
Mirror on the wall why are we here to live in pain?
It not pain it’s the experience that you gain.
This is your journey through life everyday make it a great one.
Mirror on the wall how do we learn all these thing so we can go home?
That’s what you need to learn and figure out to go home.
Your life is now not tomorrow or later but now don’t waste it.
Mirror on the wall thank you for your help

TKT 11/23/05

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