Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Scars


As a child I gained my wounds
They bleed and I felt the pain
They didn’t heal I wouldn’t let them
I picked my wounds and felt the pain longer

Blurry thoughts fill my mind
Bound to this place I can’t move on
Picking my wounds in agony
Ignoring the voice to stop and live

I let my wounds bleed and fester
I wont let them heal and move on
I will not move on or let go of this pain
I wont ever let go and you cant stop me

Poison seeps in through these wounds
Future passes me by as I stand still
Crying for help as I hold myself back
Hurting myself by picking old wounds

I step forward and let them heal
The pain dulls and I can live
I step again with more faith
My wounds heal and turn into scars

The memory remains but the pain is gone
I’m moving forward instead of standing still
I catch up with my future and understand
I was the only one who could help myself

These scars stay a part of me and remind me
This life is full of pain and we must keep going
I stood still as I held onto my wounds and pain
I moved forward as I let them heal and turn to scars


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