Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Perfect Accident

Perfect Accident

The day we met you were funny
You made me smile and laugh
We hung out and spent time together
We were friends and all was well

Then times changed and we moved apart
Out of touch and kinda forgot
Lives move on and we grow up
We meet again and worlds collide

We hang out we’re friends again
Stay up all night having fun
Things change we move apart
Loose touch and move on

One day I saw you near
That day you saw me too
I walked accost the room
We talked laughed and hung out

We were hanging out and having fun
Then I kiss you and out of the blue
You hold me close and I hold you
This accident led me to you

We spend our lives together now
We dream and long for each other
We love and it wasn’t planned
This perfect accident has made me whole

TKT 10/07/06

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