Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Hate


This Bitter Shrug The Cold Stare
A Heart That Has Shriveled
A Feeling Of Despair
A Punch You Don’t See
This Feeling Kills People
This Deadly Thought
In Everyone Hides
This RAW Emotion
Jagged Glares And Stares
Rip Me Apart
Rooms Of Hate Suffocate Me
Blinded By Emotion
You Do Without Thinking
An Action Carried Out
With No Thinking
A Disease Spreads
Like A Plague Of Humanity
Run Out And Down
With No Remorse
We Don’t Live Only Die
This Emotion Damages
Only Yourself But Inflicted On Others
You Never See What You Do
You Stab In The Dark
Kill Who You Know
Don’t Give A Shit
Who You Hurt
You Hurt A Friend
You Lie And Cheat
And Hate More
It Overcomes You
And You Lose Control
You Die From Your Hate
But You Kill Others

TKT 5/20/06

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