Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Poison


Clouded vision, illusions in my mind
Smiling as I’m dying, watching as you cry and blur away
Lies to make you happy, truth to make me bleed
Seeping through my veins, as this poison steals my soul

Gulping down this poison, illusions of the truth
Blank eyes staring onward, as I’m looking to the past
Unforgiving self-destruction, bitter poison filling me
Running backwards, avoiding the painful future

Crimes so severe, full of fear from my choices
Lacking strength to stand alone, crumbing footing falling down
The world is caving in on me, no faith to survive
Drinking this dark liquid, as you’re screaming for me to stop

Telling me it will get better; all I see is the black
No hope to move forward, no strength to runaway
Only strength to drink this poison, lies, it will be ok
No one can stop me, now I’ve gone too far

No more poison left to drink, now I’m leaving you alone
Holding on to me, as I’m slipping through this life
No goodbyes, breathless whispers and tears
Escaping my fears, punishment follows behind

TkT 6 13 6

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