Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Pearl


You don’t see me, out of sight
Judging by the cover, true value never known
You don’t get to know me, lost your opportunity
Laughing passing by, misunderstanding the truth

Whispers in the air, rumors in your ears
Lacking truth to understand lies to make you better
Ignoring the whole picture, missing the important parts
Blaming others for your faults, I accept you anyways

Gentle love and understanding, bringing peace to this storm
Reaching through the lies, to find and take you in
You see me through new light, now you understand the truth
Catching glimpse of the whole picture, finding important things

Pealing away the cover, oyster shell broken to your eyes
You see the real value, a glistening pearl, as you know me
Someone to help you walk, to share your burdens with
You found a pearl in the ocean, a friend for a lifetime

TkT 6 13 6

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