Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem Metamorphosis


Beautiful radiant shades of white
Encircle the grey forgotten cocoon
A heart beat quickens and
The scars you have carried this far disappear

Your life and pain become a memory
Evil cant touch you anymore
You change from imperfect to perfect
The circle of life completes itself tail to mouth

You experiences are the tools that shaped you
You are unique and no one is like you
Sorrow cant exist around you your joy so bright
You learned your lessons and told your story

Never-ending happiness surrounds your presence
You came through the muck and darkness
Now you are complete and pure
Spectacular shades of white emit from you

You have changed from worm to butterfly
You are free to fly and roam
Your journey is complete you have peace
Free soaring and happy forever

TKT 11/07/07

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