Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poem United


We are different but we are the same
We are here to help and live together
Instead we fight wars over petty objects
We are separated by color race and religion
Instead of united as one and strong
We stand against each other and destroy
We need to heal this broken life
Like the ants united they are strong
We fail because we are scattered
We don’t see past the surface
To see we are brothers not enemies
We should stand together and not fight
But we tear each other down and are full of greed
Race against race color against color
Religion against religion we fight
We are not united and at this rate never will be
We would be great and strong and kind
If we would put aside this immature fighting child
That bickers about difference and money
When the thing that matters most
Is that we learn to be together and stand as one
We need to learn much to be united
Or we are all doomed due to our separation

TKT 9-23-05

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