Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poem Scarecrow

Scarecrow (Janius)

Suspended in life unchanging
Broken and lifeless eyes stare at nothing
Empty thoughts and a cold heart
Sings to show you that I don’t care

Reasons and actions with no explanation
Pressure of the world and war crush me to death
My mind breaks in two I have changed
I look the same but feel like a stranger

Two people smashed in one body
One life two choices to make will I survive
Too much conflict in my mind
A wrong choice made several lives destroyed

Peace and happiness have betrayed and left me
No second chance the is the last time this time
Broken hearts and shattered families strewn about
Disappointment and guilt I don’t feel I am broken

What once was good now is broken and evil
Nothing matters now only my will and desire
Divorce and rejection circle my choice
I act like nothing happened and live on

TKT 08-15-09

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